Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let me talk to you about Ms Danger

She's this tiny little thing, comes up to my chest. Short messy brown hair, just long enough to get a good grip. And she's probably the most athletic lover I've ever had, and also probably the smartest.

Watching her do yoya is a thing of beauty. Nude, of course. Stretching, rippling muscles.

She's wonderfully sick and twisted, more on that in other posts.

And she's into high intensity sensation.

Such as needles.

She was sitting back and arching her back, I got out her needle kit, and carefully washed off her nipples with hydrogen peroxide, and opened up a pack of needles.

I took the first one, pulled off the cap, and showed her the brutally sharp point, holding it up close for her to see. Watching her pupils go wide, lust and fear on her face.

And then slowly pinched and pulled out her left nipple, and slowly pushed the point into it, sideways. Her soft smooth skin dimpled in for a moment, and then the point punched in, and the sharp edge was under her skin, scraping her nerves, and I pushed it again, pushing out against the skin on the other side, tenting out the skin, and then punched out, her skin snapping back.

I did that five more times, three needles in each nipple, giving her a good drink of terror, agony, and lust. Her face and chest were flushed, her breathing deep, her pussy wet, her eyes terrified.

The seventh needle went through one of her wet protruding labia.

Then things got even more fun, as each one came out. The skin and flesh had swollen, and the needle dragged and pulled and scraped, as it came out. And as each one emerged, it was followed by a big droplet of dark red blood.

By the time the last one came out, her tummy and flanks were covered with dark red stripes. And her cunt was engorged, and oozing wet.

And then, of course, I fucked her.

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ms said...

Yum, that was a fun time. I had fantasized about you pushing needles through my skin for a long time before it happened. I dreamed about the quick, sharp pain and the the instant endorphin high turning the pain in my nipples into pleasure in my cunt. On the weekends I woke up alone, I'd lie in bed and masturbate. I'd imagine you dragging the sharp point of a needle along my skin, then penetrating me with it, breaking my skin, running steel through me. I'd fantasize about so many layers of needles through my nipples, and you pulling them out, one at a time. It would be so intense; I longed for it, wondered how many I could stand.

Then when we finally played, I was shaking. I was a little afraid of the pain, a little overwhelmed by the control I was giving to you. But I wanted it so badly. Shaking with anticipation. You opened the first needle and held it right in front of my eyes, too close for me to focus on. I looked instead at the serious, sadistic expression on your face and probably whimpered a little. You pierced me, and it was as intense as I'd imagined. You started at the base of my nipples and worked up towards the tip, the next needle perpendicular to the one below it. I discovered that the tips of my nipples are way more sensitive than the bottoms. When you were done, my nerves were on fire. I was floating, breathing through the pain, especially when you twisted my nipples and squeezed the needles together..

Then you started to pull the needles out, and each emptied hole started bleeding. Big, warm drops of crimson blood splashed onto my legs and dripped down my breasts. I was covered in streaks of it, my flesh looking so pale in contrast. I loved feeling it run down me, my nipples weeping and dripping like my cunt was. When all the needles were out you stretched my legs over my head and mounted me. My blood smeared, my nipples ached, and my cunt orgasmed as we fucked. I felt so alive.